AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro
  • AEOTEC -  Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro

AEOTEC - Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro

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The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro is a sensor, which detects, if your window is opened, closed or tilted which requires a tilt angle of at least 5°.

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Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro is your first line of defense against an intruder. The instant a door or window opens, your automation system can alert you and activate compatible sirens, cameras, and other security devices. Sometimes it’ll know even before anything opens. With Aeotec’s patented Spatial Intrusion Algorithm™ built in and when paired with compatible software, Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro can even detect some break-ins before they happen, alerting you before anyone breaks in.

Whether privately triggered by your geolocation or the arming of a smart security system, Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro can remind you to close the doors and windows you left open. When combined with Z-Wave controllers, such as Aeotec’s Nano Shutter, it can even close them for you. Monitor the status of doors and windows then intelligently control other Z-Wave devices.

Installable in only moments, Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro can be mounted to any door or window frame with as little as the provided double-sided tape. It even takes smaller spaces into consideration being the only Z-Wave door or window sensor to come with 2 detection-magnets including slimline rare-earth magnet technology first pioneered by Aeotec.

With the potential free input the Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro can also include other sensors in your Z-Wave system. For that the binary sensor is connected to the potential free input of the sensor. Besides sensors there can also be connected momentary switches, which controls scenes in your gateway.


  • Detection of open, closed or tilted thanks to patented sensor technology
  • Built in tamper protection
  • Potential free binary input to connect external sensors
  • Up to 3 years battery lifetime
  • Tilt angle at least 5°
  • Z-Wave Smart Start and S2 Security
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus 700


  • Power supply : Battery 1/2 AA ER14250 3.6V
  • Battery life: 3 years assuming 5 open and 5 close events per day with Wakeup reports disabled
  • Radio Frequency : 868.42 MHz
  • Operating distance : Up to 150 meters outdoors, 50 meters indoors
  • Tilt Detection: must be over 5 degrees
  • Operating humidity : 10 to 95%
  • Operating temperature : -20°C to 45°C
  • Dimensions :
    • Sensor : 19 x 71 x 18 mm
    • Magnet : 8 x 20 x 11 mm
  • Weight : 26 g

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Data sheet

Open / Close
Z-Wave Plus V2
Power Supply

This device also allows being reset without any involvement of a Z-Wave controller. This procedure should only be used when the primary controller is inoperable.

To manually factory reset:

1. Remove the cover of Door / Window Sensor 7

2. Press and hold tamper switch for 5 seconds until the red LED blinks.

3. Release the tamper switch

4. Immediately press and hold the tamper switch again, the LED will flash red 5 times while holding.

5. A green LED will confirm reset, which you may release the tamper switch.

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