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QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch
  • QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch

QUBINO - Luxy Smart Switch


Luxy Smart Switch is the world's 1st switch that illuminates in 16 million colours.

This product is no longer available for sale


After 135 years Qubino re-writes the story of the light switch !

The Luxy Smart Switch is an innovative light source that will gently illuminate your home in any of the 16 million colours that you can choose from, to fit your personal preference and give a personal touch to any room.

It is designed in a way that it fits in the flush mounting boxes at the height of the light switch or where you usually have electrical sockets. This means, Luxy Smart Switch can be quickly & easily installed anywhere in the house where you already have electricity (neutral wire is mandatory for proper operation) or where you can easily pull additional wires.

You can control Luxy Smart Switch manually, wirelessly or set it to work automatically. If you use it as a standalone device, you can control it through 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface. With a touch you can turn on/off the Luxy light, turn on/off the additional output, set the colour, dim the brightness, and choose between 4 lighting effects. The lighting scenes are inspired by nature and will help you set the mood, by simulating the ocean, sunrise, rainbow, and nature’s colour scenes.

If you are a more advanced user, you can integrate Luxy Smart Switch into the Z-Wave network and enjoy plenty of other functionalities it offers. When connected to the gateway, Luxy Switch becomes a smart home device, enabling you to control it remotely via smartphone or tablet and creating more complex scenes, e.g. setting the time schedule.

One of the Luxy Smart Switch features is an additional power output for connecting other loads as room light, ceiling fan, IR panel, etc. It can trigger or be triggered by other devices.


The Luxy Switch is equipped with a wire- less smart home Z-Wave chip which allows you to control Luxy smart switch in your home remotely from an app on your smartphone. Lights can be turned ON or OFF even when we are not at home.

Technical quality

To control any installed ceiling light, Luxy smart switch has a powerful 10 ampers relay. Every single product must pass 30 control points which means 100% customer satisfaction.

Integration ability

The Luxy Switch can be integrated into the Z-Wave network (Smart Home). When connected to the gateway (main unit) is able to communicate with other Z-Wave devices. Luxy smart switch is compatible with most worldwide smart home solutions.

Design quality

The design is studied in the way that it is almost invisible during the daylight. As most walls are light colours, usually close to white, Luxy smart switch is also almost white. The combination of RGB LEDs and a glass frame makes a wonderful effect when it shines.

For the first time, the design of a light switch is created in consideration of its own design, but especially of the effects this incredible smart switch gives you when it shines.


Luxy smart switch is designed to be installed according to valid standards for light switches. It is not only meant for new homes, but can also replace any existing previously installed standard light switch in any home.

Material selection

The frame, made of natural glass, not only gives the elegance and charm to the device, but also disperses light effects beautifully.

Energy Efficiency

It emits enough light to make main lighting sources basically unnecessary in places such as hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Ceiling lights mostly use standard bulbs with high power consumption. As Luxy smart switch consumes less than 1W, it guarantees incredible energy efficiency.

Luxy Smart Switch measures the energy consumption of the connected main light.


Every home use lots of light switches. Luxy smart switch does not mean an additional product. Installing Luxy smart switch instead of a standard light switch guarantees reduced energy consumption. Besides, our Luxy smart switch uses a recyclable glass frame.


The product is completely developed and manufactured in Europe with focus on top quality with the goal of a long service life.


  • Choosing among 16 million colours
  • Output for connecting e.g. a room light or other loads
  • Automatically turn ON/OFF Luxy light and/or connected output
  • Dimming the Luxy light
  • Associations
  • Z-Wave Repeater
  • Smart Start
  • 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface
  • Measure the power consumption of the connected device (kWh & W)


  • Power supply: 110 - 240 Vac ±10 % 50/60 Hz
  • Rated load current of relay output (resistive load): 1 x 10 A
  • Operation temperature: -10 ~ +40 °C
  • Z-Wave operation range: Up to 40 m indoors
  • Colours: 16 million
  • Luminance: 1090 cd/m2
  • Standby/max. consumption: 0,5 W / 1,5 W
  • Installation in boxes: Ø ≥ 60 mm / at least 2M
  • Z-Wave Repeater: Yes
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): (with packaging) 93x90x45 mm / (149x136x53 mm)
  • Weight with glass frame (with packaging): 114 g / (230 g)


Data sheet

Wall switch
Electric Consumption
Z-Wave Plus
Power Supply
Main power
Z-Wave specificity
Security S2

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