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AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7
  • AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7

AEOTEC - Smart Switch 7

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Smart Switch 7. Smarter. Safest. Smaller still.



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Smart Switch 7. Smarter. Safest. Smaller still.

Plug it. Automate it. Control it. And understand how much electricity you are spending. Smart Switch 7 - Aeotec’s smallest smart plug ever, is also everyone’s safest.

Intelligence is in control.

Appliances turn on when needed and off when not. On a schedule. Or intelligently automated and triggered when needed.

You’re in control.

It’s smart because it can be automated. But it’s also a smart plug because the power to turn it on or off manually is always yours.

Spending is in control.

In real-time and with 99% accuracy, Smart Switch 7 will analyse appliance electricity consumption helping you save what you spend.

Quality is in control.

European design, German engineering, and SGS certification make Smart Switch 7 the smallest, safest smart plug.

Amazingly far reaching.

With its enhanced antenna design and use of Z-Wave and S2, Smart Switch 7’s wireless signal reaches up to 150 meters in real-world use and now communicates and responds 50% faster.

Near-instant setup.

Connecting Smart Switch 7 to a smart hub takes only seconds. With SmartStart built in, compatible gateways can wirelessly connect just by scanning the plug’s QR code.

Anti-hacking enabled.

No smart plug has been safer or more secure. Smart Switch 7 uses 3 different layers of security, including Z-Wave S2, to render man-in-the-middle and brute force hacking virtually impossible.


  • Smallest, safest smart plug
  • 43x43mm across. Only a few mm bigger than an actual socket. This makes it top 2 smallest smart plugs on the market.
  • That makes it 48.6% smaller than Smart Switch 6.
  • SGS certified. Swiss based certificate company. One of the top 3 certification houses for EU.
  • Ergo SS7 is the safest, smallest smart plug.
  • ‘5 second installation’. Features SmartStart which means pairing with automation gateway can be completed by simply scanning the QR code
  • 3 layers of wireless security; unique network keys, AES 128-bit encryption, and ECDH key exchange.
  • Inbuilt surge protection.
  • Protects from surges / spikes that are up to 2,000 volts.
  • Engineered to CE standards EN60950 and EN301489
  • Inbuilt over-current protection - up to 11 amps.


  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave
    • Z-Wave Plus: Yes
    • Security Class: Non- Security, S0, S2 Un- and Authenticated
    • SmartStart: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Working Current: 7mA
  • Standby Current: 4mA
  • Maximum Output Current: 10 A (Resitive Load)
  • Maximum Output Power: 2300W
  • Dimensions: 43.4 x 43.4 x 68mm
  • Weight: 56g
  • Max standby power: 0.6W
  • Repeater: Yes
  • Beaming: Yes
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
  • Operating humidity: 8% to 80%.
  • Operating distance: 35m Indoor, 150m outdoor
  • Waterproof Rating: IP20
  • Minimum energy sensor reading: 2W
  • Energy reading percentage of error:
    • Less than 300W: +-3W
    • Great or equal to 300W: +-1%


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Electric Consumption
Z-Wave Plus
Power Supply
Main power
Z-Wave specificity
Security S2