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SUNRICHER - 2 channels Zigbee LED Driver (Constant Current)
  • SUNRICHER - 2 channels Zigbee LED Driver (Constant Current)

SUNRICHER - 2 channels Zigbee LED Driver (Constant Current)

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Zigbee NFC Dimmable 65w LED Driver with 2 channels constant current output.



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SRP-ZG9105N-65CCT500-1500 is a NFC Dimmable 65w LED Driver with 2 channel constant current outputs and adjustable current from 500ma to 1500ma by DIP switches, which enables it to be suitable for constant current LED lights with different current. It is designed with 220-240VAC input.

Power factor of the driver can be over 0.94 and efficiency is higher than 87%. It enables smooth and deep dimming to 0.1% without flickering and buzzing noise. The LED driver is designed with ZigBee control interface and can pair to ZigBee network and be controlled from your controller or hub interface.

The driver can be compatible with universal ZigBee gateway or coordinator. In addition, the ZigBee device supports TouchLink commissioning to bind ZigBee remotes directly and controlled by the remotes.

Features of Zigbee LED driver Sunricher SRP-ZG9105N-65CCT500-1500

  • Dimmable LED driver, Zigbee device based on Zigbee 3.0 protocol
  • Dimmable LED driver. Max. output power 65W
  • 500-1500mA current selectable via NFC program tool. Min.current gear lower to 0.1mA
  • Dimming curve/Power on state/Soft start/Soft off via NFC program tool.
  • Class Ⅱ power supply, full isolated plastic case
  • High power factor and efficiency
  • PUSH DIM function enabled
  • Able to On/Off and control LED lighting luminaries‘ brightness and color temperature
  • Amplitude/CCR dimming, smooth and deep dimming
  • Zigbee end device that supports Touchlink commissioning
  • Can directly pair to a compatible Zigbee remote via Touchlink
  • Supports find and bind mode to bind a ZigBee remote
  • Supports Zigbee green power and can bind max. 20 zigbee green power switches
  • Compatible with universal Zigbee gateway products

Technical specifications of Zigbee LED driver Sunricher SRP-ZG9105N-65CCT500-1500

  • LED Channel: 2
  • DC Voltage: 6-54V
  • Current: 500-1500mA via NFC setting; Min.current gear lower to 0.1mA,Default 1050mA
  • Current Accuracy: ±3%( ±1%@Certain full load) @ full load
  • Rated Power: Max. 65W
  • Voltage Range: 200-240VAC/200-240VDC
  • Absolute Voltage Range: 176-264VAC/176-280VDC
  • Frequency Range: 0/50/60Hz
  • Power Factor (Typ.): > 0.98 @ 230VAC Full load
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: THD ≤ 6% (@ full load / 230VAC)
  • Efficiency (Typ.): >90% @ 230VAC full load
  • AC Current (Typ.): 0.4A @ 230VAC
  • Inrush Current (Typ.): Max. 9.68A at 230VAC; 70μs duration
  • Leakage Current: < 5mA /230VAC
  • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
  • Anti Surge: L-N:2KV
  • Dimming Interface: Zigbee
  • Dimming Range: 0.01%-100%@ Max current
  • Dimming Method: Amplitude/CCR dimming
  • Dimming Curve: Linear/ Logarithmic optional

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