Why can some smart scenes still be executed and others cannot be executed when the hub is disconnected from the network?

1. According to the characteristics of automations, execution methods are divided into cloud method and local method. This can be viewed in Automation > More Settings (three dots in the upper right corner) > Execution Method.

2. Automation running in the cloud should rely on the network to upload the signal detected by the triggering device to the cloud, and the cloud then sends the corresponding control command to the running device. Therefore, once the hub is disconnected from the network, automation cannot be performed.

3. In local run automation, the trigger device will send the detected signal to the hub, which will send the corresponding control command to the run device via Zigbee or LAN. So even if the router cannot connect to the external network, as long as the communication connection between the hub and the execution device is normal, the automation can still be executed.

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