FIBARO Smoke Sensor has stopped working.

1. The FIBARO Smoke Sensor is not powered.

The FIBARO Smoke Sensor must be powered. Please check your Sensor's power supply. Remember to remove the battery protection tab before using the FIBARO Smoke Sensor. If your FIBARO Smoke Sensor is mains powered, check that it is powered correctly.

2. The FIBARO Smoke Sensor has been reset.

After resetting the FIBARO Smoke Sensor, it returns to its default settings. You have to start its inclusion to the Z-Wave controller again.

3. The FIBARO Smoke Sensor is out of range of the Z-Wave controller.

The FIBARO Smoke Sensor must be within direct range of the Z-Wave controller or within range of another node on the Z-Wave mesh network.

4. Audible and visual alarm indicators have been disabled.

Change Advanced Parameter #2 to a value other than 0.

5. The FIBARO Smoke Sensor is damaged.

Please contact your dealer to initiate the warranty procedure.

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