Can I install the TriSensor outdoors?

Please note that when installed outside your home, your TriSensor should only be used for temperature and light while motion sensing capabilities should be disabled on your Z-Wave controller in order to avoid false motion detections. If you choose an outdoor location, it is important to position your TriSensor in a sheltered location. It is best that your TriSensor is not directly exposed to rain, snow or other elements.

If you want to use the TriSensor outdoors, you will need to reduce the settings and tilt the TriSensor accordingly, as all environments will require different solutions or different settings for the motion sensor to work properly. Parameter 3 [1 byte] will determine the sensitivity of the motion sensor from a range of values ​​from 0 disabled to 11 maximum sensitivity (your ability to configure this parameter will depend on the Z-Wave controller used).

It is advised that if you see false motion detections, run trials to determine the best sensitivity within a range of 0-11 decreasing one sensitivity level after each test (first 5, 4, 3, 2 , then 1), while setting Parameter 3 [2 bytes] to 5 to allow a PIR sensor timeout of 5 seconds after motion detection to quickly determine the best settings for outdoor use.

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