CHERUBINI - META Energy Driven Switch-C 7
  • CHERUBINI - META Energy Driven Switch-C 7
  • CHERUBINI - META Energy Driven Switch-C 7
  • CHERUBINI - META Energy Driven Switch-C 7

CHERUBINI - META Energy Driven Switch-C 7

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The META Energy Driven Switch-C 7 controls energy consumption and measures the power of the electrical system or a single appliance.



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The META Energy Driven Switch-C 7 controls energy consumption and measures the power of the electrical system or a single appliance. Therefore, not only the electric panel will not go down, but you will know in advance if the washing machine, for example, is malfunctioning or consuming excessively. The Energy Driven Switch C 7 is a smart Energy Meter, which integrates a precise power meter and measures the energy produced and consumed. 

The smallest Z-Wave devices worldwide

The Cherubini plug & play modules perfectly fit into any type of junction box and are easier to install. Series 7 modules have a terminal block with larger contacts to facilitate connections.

Precise power metering

The Cherubini modules are equipped with very precise functions for measuring the energy consumption. 

Easy to control

They can be managed with buttons or switches, from a computer, tablet or smartphone, depending on your specific needs.

Visual feedback with RGB LED

An RGB LED provides visual feedback on the devices status and of the operations performed. Like this, you always know if the device has been connected correctly, if it is included in the Z-Wave network and if it is already working.

Offline Configuration Mode

Unique feature that allows you to configure some parameters without using a user interface. Allows the installer to set device functionality on site even if the device is not included in a Z-Wave network.

Saving - Ultra low power consumption

WiDom Devices have the lowest energy consumption amongst similar devices currently available on the market.

Longer duration

The zero crossing feature reduces the electrical stress on the relay contacts and ensures a longer life of the devices.

Up&Down Power events

It implements a control logic of the associated loads through association groups in the case of Up and Down Power events, defined by the permanence above / below a certain power level beyond a certain period of time.


  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Produced and consumed energy measurement
  • Management and prevention of electrical failures
  • Measurement of power, energy, voltage, current and power factor
  • Customization of load control based on measured energy
  • Heavy load control
  • Offline configuration mode
  • Visual feedback with RGB LED
  • Zero crossing technology
  • Supports SmartStart and S2
  • Simple installation


  • Power supply: 110 – 230 VAC±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum load on relay: 3750 VA – 250VAC – 15 A
  • Work Temperature: -10 +40 °C
  • Radio Protocol: Z-Wave 868,4 MHz
  • Maximum distance: up to 100 m outdoor/ up to 40 m indoor
  • Dimensions: 37x37x17 mm
  • Consumption: <260 mW in standby / <480 mW with working load
  • Electrical IP rating: IP 20
  • Actuator Element: Relay
  • Conformity: CE, RoHS
  • Characteristic Meter
  • Parameters: Voltage RMS, Current RMS, Active power, Power factor, Energy
  • Meter range
  • Voltage RMS: 250 V
  • Current RMS: 45 A
  • Active power: ± 11250 W
  • Power factor: ±1.00
  • Energy: 2.000.000 kWh
  • Maximum error (within dynamic range)
  • Voltage (dynamic range 20:1): ±0.95%
  • Current (dynamic range 1000:1): ±2.9%
  • Active power (dynamic range 4000:1): 
  • PF=1: ±4% 
  • PF=0.8: ±(5.5%)


Data sheet

Electric Consumption
Z-Wave Plus V2
Power Supply
Main power
Fibaro HC3
Fibaro HC3 Lite
Z-Wave specificity
Security S2


Notice A510086

Notice d'utilisation du module Z-Wave Cherubini META Energy Driven Switch-C 7 A510086

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