AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700
  • AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700
  • AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700
  • AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700
  • AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700

AQUA-SCOPE -Water Sensor Z-Wave+ 700


Aqua-Scopes Flood Sensor was designed for the single purpose of water detection.

This product is no longer available for sale


The Water Contact Sensor is placed on critical positions within the home and will detect even smallest drops of water thanks to the capillary effect (water is soaked into the colored sensor channel). Detected water results in an alarm sent to a central gateway using Z-Wave wireless protocol.

The unique feature of this device is the central sensor ring with 4 metal water probes on four corners. This ensures the detection works in al orientation of the device placement.

An external second water detection probe can be connected to the main device and it will act as second sensor differing from the primary probe. The internal temperature sensor will report freezing condition to protect water installation from further damaging.


  • Very small, can be pushed under a washing machine, dish washer etc.
  • Water protected without any button. Requires gesture control to exclude and reset
  • Z-Wave series 700
  • 7 years battery life (depends on wakeup settings and usage)
  • Additional external wired sensor pad included
  • Can alarm on presence or absence of water
  • Works in every position thanks to the innovative patented sensor ring in the middle of the device
  • Support S2 SmartStart and Security function


  • Power Supply. Built-In ER 14250, replaceable
  • Sensors:
    • Temperature sensor, 0.1 °C resolution
    • Alarm when temperature below user-defined threshold
    • 4 sensor pins detect even few drops of water due to capillary effect
  • Installation:
    • Every position, every angle
    • Additional sensor pad, 140 mm connection cable.
    • Outdoor Use: IP67 (to power supply coupling)
  • RF Communication Z-Wave
    • Radio Chip: Series 700
    • Standard: Z-Wave Plus V2
    • Frequency: 868…869 MHz
    • Range: 60 … 140 m (depends on gateway)
    • Communication Security: Z-Wave S2 based on AES 128 and DHKE
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Shipment and Storage: -65 °C … 100 °C
    • Operation: - 30 °C … 80 °C
    • Weight: 22 gr


Data sheet

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