FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle
  • FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle
  • FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle
  • FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle
  • FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle

FIBARO - Save on Heating Bundle


Control your heating expenses this winter!

This product is no longer available for sale

Control your heating expenses this winter!

Does your heating installation have hot water radiators? Now you can control heating and optimize energy consumption like never before!

The pack includes:

1x FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite Smart Home gateway

• Designed to control smart devices such as: light switches, dimmers, outlets, radiator thermostats, security sensors, locks, cameras, multimedia and more

• Supports Z-Wave devices as well as many built-in add-on solutions

• Works with the free Yubii App available for iOS and Android mobile devices

• Remote access to your home from anywhere

• Encrypted software, system and communication files, FIBARO ID required. Data stored in the home automation box, cloud and local backup

4x FIBARO Door Window Sensor

• Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus home automation box

• Door/window opening detected thanks to the separation of the sensor and the magnet

• Integrated temperature sensor

• Detects tampering, when detached or opened

• Can be easily mounted on doors, windows, garage gates and roller shutters

• Battery powered

• Visual LED indicator showing device status

• Supports Protected Mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption

4x FIBARO The Heat Controller

• Can be installed on three types of valves: M30 x 1.5, Danfoss RTD-N and Danfoss RA-N

• Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus home automation box

• Integrated battery, recharged via a standard micro-USB port

• Easy installation - no tools required

• Can use a dedicated temperature sensor

• Supports heating schedules

• Automatic calibration

• Antifreeze function

• Descaling function

• Spherical knob with free rotation to set the desired temperature

• Supports Z-Wave network security modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 with PRNG encryption


  • Z-Wave+ home automation heating pack
  • 1 controller and 8 accessories
  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone
  • Simple, friendly user interface
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Managing multiple user accounts
  • Different device associations
  • Scenario creation based on weather or other user-defined variables
  • Receive a notification on your phone each time the window is opened
  • Adjust the temperature in any of your rooms remotely, from anywhere
  • Expand your smart home system with other products and features at any time. It's 100% renovation



    • Processor: ARM Cortex A7 900Mhz single core
    • Operating memory: 512MB DDR3L
    • Hard Disk: 4GB EMMC Flash
    • Power supply: 5V DC, 1A (power supply included)
    • USB port: 1 (2.0)
    • Network interface: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/a/ac)
    • Radio protocol: Z-Wave (700 series)
    • Radio frequency: 868.42MHz EU
    • Range: up to 200 m (depending on building structure)
    • Dimensions: 178 x 110 x 31mm
    • Module type: Z-Wave+ transmitter
    • White colour
    • Power supply: ER14250 battery (1/2AA) 3.6VDC (included)
    • Battery life: Approximately 2 years (with default settings)
    • Frequency: 868.42 MHz
    • Transmission distance: 50m free field, 40m indoors
    • Dimensions: 71 x 18 x 18mm
    • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
    • Temperature measurement range: 0 - 60°C
    • Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±0.5°C
    • Module Type: Z-Wave Receiver
    • Power supply: 3.7V Li-Poly battery (not replaceable)
    • Charging port: micro USB
    • Charger voltage (not included): 5V DC (±5%)
    • Charger minimum current (not included): 0.5A
    • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
    • Storage temperature (standby mode): -10-25°C
    • Maximum water temperature: 90°C
    • Accuracy of temperature measurement: 0.5°C (in the range of 0 to 40°C)
    • Dimensions (Diameter x Height):
      • 56 x 74 mm (without adapter)
      • 56 x 87 mm (with adapter)
    • EU Directive Compliance: RoHS 2011/65/EU, RED 2014/53/EU
    • Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    • Radio frequency band: 868MHz ISM band
    • Maximum transmit power: EIRP up to -4 dBm

Data sheet

Z-Wave Plus V2
Power Supply
Main power

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