ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W
  • ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W
  • ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W
  • ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W
  • ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W
  • ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W

ECODIM - Smart LED rotary dimmer Zigbee 3.0 200W ECO-DIM.07 Basic

Rotary smart dimmer with Zigbee receiver that works with Philips Hue and Homey. Basic version.


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The Zigbee LED dimmer with push / rotary knob! The LED dimmer works with a normal 2-wire connection and can be operated both with the familiar snap and via home automation. Through Touchlink, the dimmer can also be connected to other Touchlink supporting hardware without a controller/hub.

Do you use a hub / controller such as Philips Hue, HOMEY, Trust, Aduro Smart etc. in combination with Google Assistant / Home? Or do you have an Amazon Alexa? Then you can also operate this LED dimmer by voice control.

In addition, the LED dimmer has a large range (0-200W LED), excellent dimmability and light stability (MIN adjustment) and all A-brand cover materials fit on the built-in element.

Suitable for> 90% of all (normal) dimmable LED lamps. Of course you can also use it if you don't have an app or home automation system at home yet. The dimmer comes with a clear Dutch manual. In short, a very complete and unique product and a world first!

With this Zigbee rotary dimmer you can still operate your 'dumb' LED lamps 'smart'. You do not need / need to connect smart LED lamps to this LED dimmer, but simply normal / dumb LED lamps (working on phase cutting / trailing edge).

Difference with the Pro version :

- The basic version only has a minimum light level potentiometer
- The basic version has no clambs for fixation (but in general also not needed!)
- The basic version therefor is only 26mm deep and very easy to install
- The basic version comes without a coverplate, but is compatible with the most common brands.


  • Zigbee rotary dimmer
  • Push / Turn
  • Suitable for most Zigbee home automation
  • Touchlink support
  • 0-200W LED
  • Suitable for most common brands cover plates: Berker by Hager, Busch-Jaeger, Gira, JUNG, Kopp, Merten by Schneider 51xx and System M, Niko, PEHA
  • Optimal dimmability & light stability
  • MIN light level adjustment
  • Protection against overload & interference signals
  • Suitable for 90% of all dimmable LED lamps
  • Installation with existing 2 wires (no neutral wire or bypass required)
  • Suitable for wireless changeover / hotel switching with wireless switch
  • Silent dimming
  • Soft-start system
  • Suitable for surface-mounted boxes & flush-mounted boxes with or without screw holes
  • Cover frame and dimmer button not supplied
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo (with Zigbee included), Philips Hue, Homey, Trust, Samsung SmartThings, ...


  • Protocol: Zigbee
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Power (load):
    • LED: 0-200W
    • Halogen light bulbs: 10-300W
  • Dimmer type: RC Pase cut
  • Operation: Push and turn button
  • Dimensions:
    • Inside: 70,6 x 70,6 x 33mm
    • Outside (including cover plate): 84x84mm
  • Weight: 49,98g


Data sheet

Wall switch
Power Supply
Main power
Amazon Echo
Philips Hue
Zigbee specificity
Router (repeater)
Zigbee Version
Zigbee 3.0