Use the Z-Wave connectivity test function

The connectivity test does not test the communication status of the routing, only the direct communication with your Z-Wave controller to determine if it has a healthy direct connection.

You can determine the status of your TriSensors' connectivity to your Z-Wave controller using a manual button press, hold, and release function, indicated by the color of the LED.

1. Remove the battery cover from the TriSensor. (by unlocking then removing the cover)

2. Press and hold the action button on the TriSensor until the LED turns cyan/blue. (9 second hold)

3. Release the TriSensor button.

4. The TriSensor will enter communication test mode by flashing its cyan/blue LED, this will last approximately 2 minutes.

5. The LED will then change to a solid color for 2 seconds to indicate its health and communication with your controller (1 of 3 colors):

Red = poor health

Yellow = moderate health

Green = good health

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