How do I include my Aeotec TriSensor sensor?

You may need to refer to your Z-Wave controller's device inclusion method if you don't know how to include a Z-Wave device.

1. Put your Z-Wave controller into inclusion mode, your Z-Wave controller should confirm that it is waiting to add a new device

2. Press the Action button on your TriSensor. The LED on the TriSensor will flash white, then turn solid yellow, followed by 2 white flashes then green to indicate successful inclusion. If the inclusion process failed, the LED will turn off without flashing white or green.

3. You can test if your TriSensor has been successfully included in your Z-Wave network by pressing its action button. If you press the button and the purple LED on your sensor stays on for a few seconds, the inclusion was successful. If the yellow light is solid when you press the button, the inclusion has failed and you must repeat the steps from step 1.

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