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3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY
  • 3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY
  • 3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY
  • 3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY
  • 3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY

3-phase DIN Smart Energy Meter Shelly Pro 3EM - SHELLY

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Shelly Pro 3EM is a DIN rail mountable three-phase energy meter.



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Shelly Pro 3EM is a Wi-Fi-operated DIN-mountable 3-Phase Energy Meter with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN connectivity. With active energy measurement accuracy of 1%, Shelly Pro 3EM can be used to monitor the consumption of any home appliances, electric circuits, and office equipment individually. It features 60 days of on-device historical data with a 1-minute resolution for each phase. Additionally, its scripting functionalities allow for the execution of complex scenes and provide broader monitoring abilities.

4-quadrant measurement

Measure capacitive and inductive load types of active imported and exported energies. 

Accuracy class B (active energy)

Shelly Pro 3EM has a measurement accuracy of  1%.

MODBUS support

Allows for easy and fast deployment in existing industrial installations. 

Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity

Simultaneous Ethernet and Wi-Fi usage. MQTT, inbound and outbound WebSocket, UDP, mTLS support.

Power monitoring

Monitors mono-phase electrical systems with up to 3 points simultaneously. Fast notifications and at least 60 days of 1-minute records storage.

Scripting functionalities

Shelly Pro 3PM fully supports mjS scripting, allowing you to create further features and functionalities.

Industry-grade security

Shelly Pro 3EM supports mTLS for MQTT, HTTP, and secure outbound WebSockets. Its industry-grade security allows for direct connections to your cloud infrastructure, reducing the cost of deploying complex networks and VPNs.

2-way energy consumption monitoring

Monitor your home, office, or factory, and avoid additional expenses or drops in voltage that can damage your appliances and devices. Shelly Pro 3EM can calculate 2-way consumption: produced and used energy for each of the three phases. The device can be configured to measure three separate circuits of a mono-phase electrical system. View the quality of your electricity network regarding active power, reactive power, voltage, and power factor.


  • 4 quadrant measurement with multiple connection types
  • Accuracy Class B (IEC 62053-21) active energy
  • Photovoltaic ready
  • Optical pulse indication of energy usage
  • Measurement accuracy tо 1%
  • Stores data in non-volatile memory that can be retrieved for a period of up to 60 days in 1-minute intervals
  • Package includes 3 pieces of 120A Current Transformers
  • Suitable for mono-phase and 3-phase installation
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo
  • Power supply: 110-240V ±10% 50/60Hz AC
  • Power Metering: 3 channels, up to 120A each
  • Voltmeters (RMS for each phase): 100 - 260 V
  • Voltmeters accuracy: ±1 %
  • Ammeters (RMS via CT for each phase and the Neutral): 0 - 120 A
  • Ammeters accuracy: ±1 % (2 - 120 A), ±2 % (1 - 2 A), ±5 % (0 - 1 A)
  • Power and energy meters: Active and apparent power; Active and apparent energy; Power factor; Fundamental active and fundamental reactive energy
  • Measurement data storage: At least 60 days of 1 min data resolution
  • Data export: CSV for PQ recorded values, JSON format export trough RPC
  • Electrical consumption: <3 W
  • Radio signal power: 1mW
  • Wireless/WiFi Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Frequency: 2400 – 2484 MHz
  • Operational range (depending on local construction):
    • up to 50 m outdoors
    • up to 30 m indoors
  • Bluetooth Protocol: 4.2
  • Working temperature: -22 – 40°C
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 73 x 57 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 62 g
æ 2024-08-30

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Notice d'utilisation du compteur d'énergie Wi-Fi Shelly Pro 3EM

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