Roller shutters / Blinds / Gates

Make your daily life easier with an automation solutions for roller shutters, gates and windows.

Roller shutters / Blinds / Gates


  • Micro module controllers

    A micro module placed behind the shutter switch or on the gate - become "connected" and can be controlled from your smartphone or via scenarios to automate the opening and closing of shutters for example.

  • Remote controls

    Remote controls remain a simple and effective way to control your shutters or gate, without having to take out your smartphone. You will find here a selection of products.

  • Motorization

    The motorization of shutters, awnings, and gates, bring today an undeniable comfort. Automatic opening and closing of the shutters at sunrise and sunset, or when it is too hot outside to keep the cool inside, automatic closing of the awning in case of rain, remote opening of the gate so that the carrier can drop off the package, etc.

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