• Smart home gateway

    Your home needs a brain to be smart and connected. The home automation box is the brain of your home. It's in charge of bridging all the home automation devices, interpreting their commands and data, in order to automate your home. Each one has its own specificities, in order to meet all the needs.

  • Security

    Equipping your home with security systems allows you to protect your family and your property. Indeed, security includes not only systems to avoid burglaries such as alarms or cameras, but also systems to quickly alert in case of flood, fire or gas leak.

  • Access control system

    As they say, the first impression is the most important one. That's why choosing the right equipment to welcome your visitors is so important! You will find here a selection of door phones and doorbells to make a good impression before you even meet your visitors!

  • Lighting

    After the heating and household appliances, the lighting is the third energy-consuming item in a house. It is possible to optimize this item thanks to the products proposed here, without sacrificing comfort: LED lighting can indeed create a warm, festive or studious atmospheres, adapted to each need, while consuming a minimum of energy.

  • Roller shutters /...

    Make your daily life easier with an automation solutions for roller shutters, gates and windows.

  • Heating / Air...

    The management of heating and air conditioning is an important area in your home automation and cost savings hunting. Here you will find the products that will allow you to regulate your heating or air conditioning in the best possible way.

  • Garden / Weather

    Home automation is not used for the house indoor only. You can also extend it to your garden to manage sprinkling or outdoor lighting.

  • Energy monitoring /...

    It's hard to pay attention to something you can't quantify, such as energy consumption. Unless you regularly take a look at your electric meter, often hidden in a difficult to access place, the only time you pay attention to it is when you receive your bill. To better follow this consumption, and thus become aware of the savings, simple devices are now available to follow your energy consumption. It is often enough to connect a plug between the wall socket and the appliance, or a clip to be clipped into the electrical panel. Once this is done the consumption is displayed in real time on a screen. The simple fact of seeing this consumption in real time often allows to reduce by 20% your energy consumption.

  • Multimedia

    Multimedia is nowadays an important part of comfort and relaxation, whether if you are watching a good movie or listening to some music. The cultural content is huge today, and the devices allowing to enjoy it too. Loudspeakers hidden in a light bulb, waterproof loudspeaker for outdoor use, mobile loudspeaker, wireless video signal transmitter, multimedia remote control, ... are as many tools at your disposal for your greatest pleasure.

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